Friday, February 25, 2011


We woke up this morning to snow coming down at 1 to 2 inches per hour, and I wanted to get out on my cross country skis before the snow got too deep. I've been out on the Kalabus-Perry trail a few more times on skis and snowshoes since I wrote about it last month, and this morning I made a quick circuit past some interesting terrain that the K-P accesses.

Hardwood glade, about 150' vertical

Around 4 inches of new snow had already accumulated when I headed out at about 9am. The trail head is at the end of our block, so my travel time was zero. In about an hour's time, I can either make a circuit of the 3.5 mile figure-eight K-P, or do a partial circuit with side trips.

Ridge-top trail, on Nature Conservancy land

The K-P trail is on Saratoga County forest land, but adjoins additional parcels owned by the Nature Conservancy. The terrain is wonderfully suited for cross country skiing, and numerous informal trails lead off the K-P trail to form quite a network. In a good snow year like this, the skiing possibilities are extensive.

Vernal pool with beaver lodge on Nature Conservancy land

Today's snow will provide excellent nordic and downhill ski conditions for this weekend. The snow - mix line on this storm should be somewhere between Albany and Saratoga, with areas from Saratoga Springs north remaining all snow.  If you decide to try the K-P trail, you'll find I've broken out part of the trail.  Here are some other local options for free, groomed cross-country skiing:

 - Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park
 - Saratoga Spa State Park
 - Lake George Recreation Center
 - Crandall Park

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