Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gore Mountain: 04/09/2011

Matt from Ski = MC Squared on Lies

As if last weekend's blockbuster spring skiing wasn't enough, skiers were rewarded with another weekend of near-perfect spring conditions. On second thought, drop the word "near."

More Lies

Like everyone else, we headed straight for the summit, where conditions were soft right from the start. Within a run or two, outer layers were shed and we were skiing in fleece and Hawiian shirts.

It ain't spring skiing until the Hawaiian shirt comes out

Daniel under the lift on the Darkside

With 100% of the summit terrain open, well covered and in prime spring condition, there was no reason to go anywhere else, even though just about all of the lower mountain trails were open and in good shape. Maybe we didn't hit every single trail, glade and off-the-map tree shot accessible from the Straightbrook and High Peaks chairs, but it sure seemed like it. Rumor and Lies were great (I'll go with Lies as trail-of-the-day), but the trees were even better with soft snow and amazing coverage for this late in the season.

Trees and glades were great all over the mountain

Lies again. Matt again.

It's possible this will be our family's last weekend of skiing this year. Gore and Whiteface are both anticipating re-opening for next weekend and possibly the following weekend, pending weather conditions. If next weekend looks to be a repeat of the last two, we'll keep our options open. We're not putting the skis away just yet.

Scoping out a line through the trees

Rumor: the king of spring

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