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Tabletop Mtn: 06/12/2011

Beth, Marcy and Elizabeth on Tabletop Mtn.

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With reports of landslides, flooding and road closures in the news over the past month and a half, it's no surprise that this hasn’t been a great spring for hiking in the Adirondacks. But, despite a sketchy weekend weather forecast, Beth had a chance to hike Tabletop Mountain with two friends on Sunday, picking off another peak towards her 46.

Jeff: So what motivates three women to head up Tabletop Mountain, a relatively unknown and viewless peak, on a less-than-ideal weekend for hiking?

Beth: I guess the three of us are pretty goal-oriented. Marcy and I need Tabletop towards our 46: it's #22 for me and closer to #30 for Marcy. Elizabeth finished her 46 a few years ago but wanted to do the hike with us. I can see how people end up doing multiple rounds, hiking with friends going for the 46, like Elizabeth did with us today.

Marcy Dam, beautiful even in the rain

Jeff: What was the hike like, how were the trail conditions?

Beth: It was actually pretty nice at the start of the hike, but by the time we got to Marcy Dam it started to rain. The rain let up a little while later and most of the day was dry. But the trails and the woods are wet and muddy, from rain Saturday and Saturday night and all spring. The herd path up Tabletop was easy to find where it left the main trail near Indian Falls, and easy to follow. Obviously Elizabeth has done the hike before, so she knew the route. Compared to hikes like Algonquin and Iroquois, this seemed pretty easy. I didn't really even mind the clouds and rain - it was cool out and it just felt great to be with friends in the mountains.

Along Phelps Brook

Jeff: What's it like for you to hike with other women?

Beth: I knew Marcy and Elizabeth would set a strong pace, and that's really good for me. We made great time going up, and did the round-trip hike in 6 and a half hours, including a long break at Phelps Brook on the way down. Everyone's pretty fit, and we're all comfortable hiking in the High Peaks and have the right gear, so we're well matched. It was a lot of fun.

Jeff: Any more women's hikes coming up?

Beth: Hopefully. I really want to get to 30 peaks this year.

Tabletop Mountain, elevation 4414', order of height: 20. First ascent 1911, Jim Suiter. Round-trip distance from Adirondack Loj: 11 miles, vertical ascent: 2233'.

Top photo: Beth, Marcy and Elizabeth at the summit

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