Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gore Mountain: 03/23/2013

My brother Dave enjoying the nice snow on Cloud, Saturday 03/23/2013 at Gore Mountain.

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We certainly have had a stretch of nice skiing over the past month. After last winter, who would have thought we'd be enjoying such great mid-winter conditions this late in March?

I'm sure I've blown whatever (dubious) credibilty I had through over-use of the descriptors "awesome" and "great" over the past few weeks, but here we go again: the skiing on Saturday was awesome. Perhaps not quite as awesome as the lucky skiers who got out during the foot-plus storm on Tuesday and the several days that followed, but still great.

Chatterbox warm-up run

Dave in Chatterbox

We got to ski with my brother Dave - also a telemarker - on Saturday. It's always fun to show someone new around, and even though Dave doesn't exactly qualify as "new," he hasn't skied Gore much over the past several years. Despite all good intentions to undertake a grand tour of the mountain, we found ourselves sucked in by our favorite terrain and spent just about the entire day skiing the summit trails and trees. Why mess with success?

Summit view: Spring can wait!

Daniel skiing Lies. The cape is a regular part of his ski attire these days.

As you can see from the photos, we didn't have to share the trails with many other skiers. Rumor, Lies, et al were in nice packed powder condition. But the nicest skiing was in the trees, where the snow was soft and the deepest it's been in two years. Four days after the storm, and we still found untracked lines.

Summit trees

Davie threading a line

The four of us were having such good fun we almost forgot to head down to pick up Sylvie so she could ski with us in the afternoon. Quick plug: the ladies in the Bear Cub Den daycare do a FANTASTIC job! Thanks! This is Sylvie's third (and final) year: next year she'll do Mountain Adventure.

Dave skiing Rumor


More Rumor

This was one of those days you want to somehow bottle up and save in case we have another winter like (God forbid!) last year. Then again, that's what this blog is for.

With ski conditions at their peak, it's hard to be thinking about the end of the season. Word is we've got at least two or three more weeks, meaning through April 7 or 14, pending conditions and attendance. School break week is coming up the first week of April, so follow Gore's website for any changes to the daily operating schedule. With all the snow that's on the mountain now, all we need is the weather to cooperate for a great stretch of spring skiing to wrap up the season. On the other hand, spring can wait!

Sylvie skiing the Otter Slide glade


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! The cape is too cute!