Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013-2014 Ski Season Preview

Gore Mountain early-season snowmaking on Foxlair, November 2013.

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The ski season may be here sooner than you expect. Cold temperatures over the past several days have allowed snowmaking crews at Whiteface to get enough of a jump on the season that they may open this weekend (watch their website and Facebook page for updates), nearly two weeks earlier than their target opening date of November 29. Crews at Gore have begun snowmaking operations as well, no word yet as to whether they'll be able to move up their opening date.

Here's a look at what Whiteface, Gore and other Adirondack ski areas have in store for 2013-14. My season preview article appeared in Adirondack Almanack today:

Adirondack Ski Season Preview

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  1. Update:
    Gore and Whiteface ski areas will open for the season this weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday. Whiteface opens on Friday while Gore opens on Saturday.

    Full release from the Governor's office: