Monday, November 24, 2014

Gore Mountain: 11/22/2014

Low-energy guns pumping out the snow on Wild Air.  Gore Mountain, Saturday November 22, 2014.

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It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and we’ve already got a second weekend of skiing in the books, thanks to early season cold weather that has allowed the snowmaking crews to get a jump on the season. Knowing that a warmup was in store for Sunday, we made sure to get out on Saturday to take advantage of the nice snow that’s been piling up under the guns.

Wild Air

Open terrain took a big jump since last weekend, with multiple route options down from the top of the gondola, including Foxlair, Ruby Run, Sunway, Quicksilver and Showcase / Sleighride. Snow was being made on most of the open trails, but by noon the guns were shutting down as temperatures crept up to the freezing mark. Coverage was excellent, and conditions remained good until late in the day when some of the surfaces deteriorated to hardpack. More than once we remarked how nice it was to be skiing soft snow in the sunshine this early in the season.

Beth and the kids skiing Quicksilver

Ski conditions certainly have been nice, but unfortunately we’re going to have to put the season on pause for a warm-up on Sunday and rain on Monday. Temperatures should return to seasonable levels after that, with the possibility that a coastal storm may impact the region with some snow around Thanksgiving. Fingers are crossed.

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