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Gore Mountain: 01/24/2015

Rumor is now open.  Gore Mountain, Saturday 01/24/2015.

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I guess everyone’s got their favorite terrain at Gore, but for us it’s the summit trails and trees. We log our days on the front-side trails off the gondi during the early weeks of the season, but once the summit terrain comes online that’s where we head.

Dramatic clouds from the departing storm to the east

When conditions are good, to me there’s no better place to be. The views can’t be beat, the terrain is varied and challenging, and good snow can almost always be found if you know where to look. Good snow was easy to find up top on Saturday, so for us there was no real reason to ski anywhere else on the mountain.



One of the summit glades

We alternated between Hawkeye, Chatiemac, Lies and some of the summit glades, sometimes riding the High Peaks chair, sometimes the Straightbrook quad. Despite Mother Nature’s recent stinginess with snowfall, we found good snow in the glades we skied. Hawkeye and Chati skied well, Lies was great with recent snowmaking, but without a doubt the pick of the day was Rumor.

Hero snow on Rumor

Lies had great snow too


Whether you’re an advanced skier or not, Rumor’s opening is noteworthy each year. Typically one of the last trails to get attention from the snowmaking crews, once Rumor comes online the mountain can finally be considered fully open. Some of the best skiing I’ve done on Rumor has been under the guns, and the snowmaking crews created a full-on blizzard on Saturday. The guns seemed to be blowing a bit wet, but it didn’t matter since it was all hero snow.

Lone skier on Hawkeye in the afternoon

Snowmaking blizzard on Rumor

The best part of the season lies ahead of us. With cold temperatures in the forecast along with a couple shots of snow (Gore will be on the fringe of the Blizzard of 2015 but should still pick up 4-6 inches), this week and the coming weekend will be an excellent time to get out.

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