Monday, February 16, 2015

Gore Mountain: 02/14/2015

Apparently the forecast for cold and wind later in the weekend kept people at home on Saturday, because the crowds you would expect on a holiday weekend never materialized. In a way that’s too bad, because Gore is in prime mid-winter condition. With temps in the low teens and little if any wind, it was a very comfortable day for skiing.

Skiing Lies, Saturday 02/15/2015.

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Abanaki Glade

Since we had an extended family group with us (my brother, sister and brother-in-law), we gave everyone a bit of a tour around the mountain, starting with a couple runs on the front side, moving up to the summit, and eventually making our way over to Burnt Ridge. The quick and short of it is that everything we skied was in excellent packed powder condition on the trails and in the trees. Short of a powder day, you really couldn’t ask for a nicer day to show off the mountain.

2 shots from Hawkeye

In the trees, Chatiemac Glade and Mineshaft were favorites, with some surprisingly untracked lines in Chatiemac Glade. You can shoot me for sharing the secret, but Chati Glade gets a fraction of the traffic of the nearby Straightbrook trees and is always a good bet for good snow. On the trails, the summit black diamonds were excellent, but our pick for the day was Sagamore.


Chati Glade

With no end to the cold – snow – cold train in sight, conditions should stay great right through the end of the month. It’s hard to think about spring at this point, but the substantial snowpack on the mountain could set us up for some great spring skiing.


  1. Great post as always Jeff! We missed you at M&T's Corporate Ski Day event!

    1. Yeah, I heard it was a good day. Thanks for reading!

  2. I was finding untracked lines all weekend long, even in heavily trafficked glades. Four of us (all instructors) did a late Saturday trip out of bounds at Sugarbush, and we just split up and all skied untracked the entire length of the run, before meeting up to get a bus ride back to the resort.