Friday, April 10, 2015

Gore Mountain: 04/05/2015

Skiing Hawkeye, Gore Mountain, Easter Sunday 04/05/2015.

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As the saying goes, you don’t know if you don’t go. We had expected to find overcast skies and re-frozen snow conditions, but instead found sunny skies and surprisingly soft spring snow, despite chilly air temperatures.


Full of enthusiasm, we headed straight for the top, where the strong April sun had already softened the summit black diamonds. Hawkeye and Chatiemac were already building up some nice looking spring bumps, but we headed to Rumor, perhaps Gore’s quintessential spring skiing trail. Rumor’s the one trail at Gore that Sylvie hadn’t skied yet, and we were waiting for conditions like this for her first trips down. As expected, she shrugged it off at the bottom: “Easy.”

Daniel hot-dogging it near the bottom of Rumor

Sylvie - in the pink - skiing Rumor

With a dusting of new snow still clinging to the trees and views of the snowcapped High Peaks 30 miles to the north, the mountain looked like winter but skied like spring. Hard to ask for a nicer combination than that.

A nice dusting on the upper mountain

The view from Cloud

We closed out the afternoon with a few runs on the lower mountain, but snow conditions there had deteriorated to slush, a far cry from the beautiful corn snow up top. Some bare patches are popping up here and there, but overall coverage is excellent for April. It’s hard to believe the end of the season is almost here. Gore and Whiteface will both be open this coming weekend, after that, who knows?...

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