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Adirondack ski areas by the numbers: A look back at 2014-15

Adirondack ski areas by the numbers: A look back at 2014-15.

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After a long summer maybe you've forgotten how cold last winter was. Or, if you're like me, you never stop thinking about winter. Before anticipation for the coming winter eclipses our memory of last winter, here's a look back at 2014-15's numbers. Nationally, skier visits were down by 5% from the previous winter. But record-breaking cold and abundant snowfall in the Northeast helped drive skier visits up 1% over 2013-14. Gore and Whiteface followed that trend, with increases in skier visits and revenue, including a record-setting $10 million in on-hill revenue at Gore. Last season's results are summarized below:

2014-15 ski season results

Whiteface operating days
Gore operating days
Whiteface skier visits
216 thousand
214 thousand
Gore skier visits
214 thousand
203 thousand
Whiteface revenue
$9.80 million
$9.84 million
Gore revenue
$10.04 million
$9.64 million
Whiteface snowfall
Gore snowfall
6897 degree days
6890 degree days

2014-15 season results fine print:
  • Operating days, skier visits, revenue and snowfall are from ORDA's Annual Report and audited financial statements, available here.
  • Gore's long-term annual snowfall is 150 inches. Whiteface's is 200 inches.
  • Temperatures are heating degree-days as measured by NYSERDA for the Glens Falls region for the Nov-April period. Degree-days represent the number of degrees by which the average daily temperature falls below 65 degrees. More degree-days equals colder temperatures. The long-term average number of heating degree-days for the Nov-April period is 6356.

More good news from Gore - investment in energy efficient snowmaking equipment has again resulted in more terrain available to skiers at a lower energy cost, leading to increased revenue and higher operating profit:

Lift days*
Gallons of water pumped
297 million
305 million
270 million
KWH consumed
Total revenue
*One lift day is the equivalent of running one lift for one day. For example,one ski day with 10 lifts in operation is equal to 10 lift days.

Photo courtesy of Whiteface Mountain

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