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Gore Mountain: 03/05/2016

Gore Mountain, Saturday 03/05/2016.   The Saratoga Skier and Hiker, first-hand accounts of adventures in the Adirondacks and beyond, and Gore Mountain ski blog.

You've really got to hand it to the snowmaking and grooming crews this season for doing everything they can to give skiers the most terrain and the best possible conditions. Here we are in early March and the snowmaking crews are still at it, 3 to 4 weeks after the traditional end to snowmaking in early to mid-February.

We skied Saturday at Gore, sampling most of the open terrain. Conditions were firm and fast, with the best surfaces wherever the snow guns were still blowing. With the mountain barely half open and Gore's glades completely out of play for the entire season, it's a far cry from the conditions we prefer at this point in the season, but we're happy to have any skiing at all.

Sylvie skiing Chatiemac

Coverage is excellent on all the trails that we skied, and the spot snowmaking that was still underway on Saturday should assure that key connectors between trails can remain open as late in the season as possible. Brisk temperatures were a reminder that it's still winter, even if spring is just around the corner.

Blue skies and great views of the snow capped High Peaks

Snowmaking on Headwaters

Even with the weekend's snowmaking, this ski season is hanging on by just a thread. As I write this post, temperatures have reached into the 50s, with even warmer temperatures forecast for tomorrow. While that may spell the end to winter, it also means that spring skiing has arrived. The forecast for this weekend looks excellent, so hit it now - an early close to the season looks likely.

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