Friday, April 1, 2016

JayPeak, VT: 03/27/2016

Jay Peak, Easter Sunday 03/27/2016.

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Each year we try to make it up to northern Vermont for at least a day or two of late season skiing. We almost didn't make it this year, but at the last minute pulled off an overnighter to Jay Peak over Easter weekend.

Say what you will about the rapid development of Jay’s base facilities over the past 5 years – including 3 hotels, an indoor waterpark, ice arena and countless condos – to me it’s still a skier’s mountain. We come to Jay for its snow, its terrain, its glades. We come for the waterpark and the nice accommodations too, but mainly we come for the mountain.

The new Stateside lodge at Jay

Beth on the Vermonter trail

Within 15 minutes of our arrival at Stateside, we were parked, checked in, booted up and on snow. I’ve got to hand it to Jay for an efficient and easy check-in process. After a quick tour around the mountain and up the tram, we ran laps on Stateside’s Jet chair for the rest of the day, soaking up the sun and skiing perfect spring corn snow.

A crowded Easter Sunday on the Jet

Daniel on Jet

D shedding a layer and charging Jet

Like all eastern ski areas, Jay’s had a tough go of it this year. There’s been rain and thaws, and snowfall is running at 50% of normal. Yet we still skied some of the best conditions we’ve seen all year.. Even some of the glades were in play.

Jay trees

4pm final run through low-angle trees

Even though we’re about done for this season, there’s no doubt Jay will be open for at least several more weeks. Instead of trying to get back up there this year, our focus will be on getting back for a visit during prime mid-winter conditions. It’s great to know that even during the lousiest of winters, there’s still great skiing within a few hours drive.


  1. Glad you guys made it up to Jay, arguably one of our favorite places to visit! This is a great trip report.