Thursday, December 15, 2016

Whiteface: 12/14/2016

A lone skier on Essex, Whiteface Mountain, Wednesday 12/14/2016.

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We had the opportunity to enjoy great mid-winter conditions for ORDA's annual Media Day event showcasing Whiteface Mountain on Wednesday. Cloudy skies with on-and-off snow made for difficult picture taking, but I'll happily trade photo ops for ski conditions.

What I like best about Media Day is the opportunity to ski with members of the Whiteface management team. Beth and I connected early in the day with Aaron Dewey, Director of Whiteface's Snowsports School, and spent the morning with him, skiing Excelsior, Essex, Northway and Victoria, chatting about Whiteface, skiing and ski instruction, and even picking up a few ski tips ourselves. It looked to me like Aaron was having a pretty fun day too, hitting the slopes instead of the keyboard.

Aaron skiiing under the guns on Draper's Drop



I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about all the great things happening at Whiteface (and they might not invite me back!). Energy efficiency and environmental initiatives have been the focus over the past year, with Whiteface now powering 100% of its snowmaking lift operations from renewable sources, including a new solar facility currently under construction. On the slopes there's been additional investment in grooming equipment and low-energy snowmaking guns. The lodge looks better than ever with new siding, a new patio area and interior improvements including a reconfigured ticketing area.

I'm not one to gush about food in a blog that's supposed to be about skiing and hiking, but the lunch spread put out by the J.Lohr bistro staff was absolutely top notch:

^^ That's Texas barbecue beef brisket, Korean pulled pork slider, tomato soup shooter, artichoke dip and hummus, and a very spicy bloody mary. Hands down one of the best ski lunches I've ever had. OK, back to skiing.

I had been keeping an eye on Mountain Run all morning, and right around the time we broke for lunch the Little Whiteface chair started spinning, giving access to Mountain Run and Thruway. Always a favorite, Mountain Run's moguls were a quick snap back to reality. Who says you should take it easy after lunch?

Mountain run, steep and bumped up

Beth skiing Excelsior

View of Lake Placid

After the great skiing we had on Wednesday, we'll probably head back up again this weekend with the kids (they're already big Whiteface fans). Thanks go out to Aaron Kellett (GM), Aaron Dewey (Snowsports School Director), Jon Lundin (Communications Manager) and the rest of the Whiteface staff for another great day of skiing.


  1. Rumor has it that somebody killed the bumps. A lady with purple skis!