Friday, February 9, 2018

Killington, VT: 02/04 & 02/07/2018

Killington, Sunday 2/04/2018 and Wednesday 2/07/2018.

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As northeast skiers we've endured more than our share of ice, hardpack, slush, thin cover, wind and sub-zero cold. Sometimes all in the same weekend. Maybe that's what makes the good days so good. Our last two days - both storm days at Killington - were some of the best so far this season.

Opinions are pretty evenly split on storm day skiing. Some favor the better visibility and clear roads of the day after. Others prefer the falling snow, free refills and light crowds of storm day. I'm happy with either, but I have to admit there's nothing like skiing when it's really dumping.

Both days started dry, but once the snow started it really came down, with 6 to 8 inches down by the time the lifts closed both days. Conditions on Wednesday were ridiculously good since all that new snow was falling on top of the 16 inch storm total from Sunday.

When the snow gets deep head for the steep, so we did laps on Superstar, Ovation, Conclusion and the K1 double blacks.

Any storm day skier knows the trees are the place to be when the visibility gets bad, so we spent a good part of both days skiing Killington's woods. We haven't logged enough days to know Killington's trees the way we know Gore's, so we stuck to favorites like the glades on Snowdon and the Somewhere / Nowhere combo on Skye Peak .

The snow continued to fall both days well after the closed, so the day-after skiers got their share of the goods too. Work and family schedules don't give me much of an opportunity to storm chase. We ski when we can, whatever the conditions. It sure is nice though when everything lines up.

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