Friday, March 23, 2012

Gore now closed, Whiteface open through Sunday

Whiteface Mountain on Wednesday, March 21.

Photo courtesy of GKNY@nyskiblog.
Following a seemingly endless string of days with temperatures in the 70s, Gore closed for the season yesterday afternoon. The March 22 closing date may be Gore’s earliest since snowmaking was first installed in the 1970s. Personally, I can not remember a year where Gore’s season didn’t make it into at least early April. From Gore's Facebook page yesterday:
Unfortunately the snow is disappearing much faster than we can move it, and we are disappointed to report that today has to be our last day. We want to say thank you to everyone for all the nice words you've passed along to our snowmakers and groomers- it means a lot during such a challenging season!
As of this writing, Whiteface will remain open through Sunday on limited terrain with downloading via the Gondola, and then close for the season.

Gore's gondola earlier this winter. 

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The record early closures at both mountains are the end result of this winter’s unprecedented mild and nearly snowless weather. But despite the shortened season and lack of cooperation from mother nature, snowmaking and grooming crews delivered a product that was consistently much better than expected, and I’m thankful for the many excellent days I enjoyed with my family at Gore, Whiteface and elsewhere this winter. In particular, Gore showed real determination and creativity in making every possible bit of terrain available to skiers, even if only for limited windows of opportunity: Rumor, Chatiemac and the Ski Bowl without snowmaking, and as many glades as possible.

So, thanks to the snowmaking crews, grooming crews and management of both mountains, and here’s to a much COLDER and SNOWIER winter of 2012-13!

Top photo courtesy of GKNY@nyskiblog.


  1. Sugarbush is open today with 2 trails - Steins and Coffee Run back to the Valley House Double. Sad ending to a sub-par year. Sunday River and Jay both plan to make snow this week to extend the season.

    1. I saw that on the Sugarbush website today Damon. At that time the temp was 9 degrees F at Lincoln Peak summit. What a change from when I was at Sugarbush, just 10 days ago. I'm sad to see the season come to an end, but happy that it ended for me on a high note: 2 days at the Bush and then our final day at Gore on St Patty's Day. Now it's on to hiking, climbing, running, mt biking.