Friday, November 9, 2012

2012-2013 Ski Season Preview

Snowmaking begins on Whiteface Mountain, Tuesday morning November 6, 2012.  Photo credit:  Scotty Jack.

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The 2012-13 ski season is scheduled to begin at Gore and Whiteface just two weeks from today, and other Adirondack ski areas are expected to open shortly thereafter. For a look at what's new this year at the region's ski centers, check out my 2012-13 Ski Season Preview article on Adirondack Almanack here.

Following is some additional information from Gore and Whiteface that I didn't have room for in the Almanack article:

A recent press release from Gore described in detail the four new crossover trails that have been added to the lower mountain: When three of them are used together, they can bring a skier efficiently from the Echo trail on Burnt Ridge Mountain to the loading area of the Northwoods Gondola. When used separately, they improve access to and from Burnt Ridge, add interest to the layout of the East Side trails, and could allow more sections of trail to open earlier in the season. Twister’s Little Sister was previously a small glade, but it has been completely cleared and widened for grooming. This connector joins Twister to Echo. Crystal sits just below the area where Twister's Little Sister comes into Echo, creating an option to bring guests from Echo to Twister. Tower 6 provides access from Twister to Showcase, and Showoff creates an easy descent to the gondola by bringing skiers from Showcase to The Arena.

Whiteface lanched an updated website last month. The website boasts a new Content Management System, which better enables staff to update content in a timely fashion, for example snow conditions for Whiteface Mountain and Mt. Van Hoevenberg. The website also responds to the device being used, automatically scaling content to fit smartphones and tablets as well as traditional computer workstations or laptops. There is also better interaction with Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

My Ski Season Preview will also appear in the November issue of Airondack Sports and Fitness, and will include a slightly different mix of ski areas. The print edition is being distributed regionally today.

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