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Gore Mountain: 02/28/2015

Blue skies over Gore's summit on Saturday, 02/28/2015.

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A beautiful, cloudless sky took the edge off Saturday morning's single-digit cold. Although the mountain could use some new snow to soften things up, overall Gore is in great mid-season condition. Today was a "boys only" day on the hill for Daniel and me as Sylvie and Beth had a birthday party back in Saratoga.

Daniel skiing one of the Burnt Ridge glades

Whenever possible, we like to take advantage of the Ski Bowl's easy parking, uncrowded lodge, laid-back vibe and fun terrain. That's exactly what we did today, basing ourselves out of the Ski Bowl and working our way across the mountain and back again, hitting some of our favorite glades and trails along the way as well as a few that we don't ski that often.

Tahawus Glade


With all of Gore's terrain in play, it's practically impossible not to have a great ski day. The two of us skied by ourselves in the morning, then connected with my buddy Jim and his kids for the afternoon. Jim and I are both lucky to have kids that love skiing and are able to participate at a high level, even at young ages. Every family's different, but for both of us it has worked out well to have invested lots of family ski time when the kids were very young.

Nugget, or whatever they call it now

Late afternoon run back down the Tahawus Glade

Conditions probably favored the trails over the glades, but our group loves skiing the woods and we were able to sniff out plenty of good snow in glades like Mineshaft, Birch Bark Alley and the Tahawus Glade. As mentioned earlier, we could use a couple inches of new snow to soften things up, and hopefully that's what happened on Sunday and Tuesday nights. On the trails, Hawkeye, Chatiemac, Lies and Sagamore were all favorites for the day, with firm and fast but very edgeable surface conditions.

It's a little bit out of character for me to say it, but I'm actually looking forward to spring. Our family's timing has been such that we missed the best spring skiing days of the past two seasons, and with this winter's deep bases on the trails and in the woods we could be in for some beautiful March and April days.

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