Monday, March 16, 2015

Gore Mountain: 03/15/2015

Gore Mountain, Sunday 3/15/2015.

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Perhaps it's just an indicator of how spoiled we've been by this winter's reliably good ski conditions, but if there was a weekend to stay home, this was it. We were in fact going to do just that, but some sort of mild panic set in Sunday morning as we confronted the reality of a winter weekend without skiing. That's right, winter! It's still winter! And skiing is what we do in the winter!

So we packed up the car, pulled the kids out of Sunday school a half hour early (we swore we would only do that on powder days), and headed up to North Creek knowing full well that last week's thaw and the weekend's re-freeze would have the ski slopes locked up tight. And we got exactly the frozen granular conditions that we expected.

Which was fine, because we still skied some runs with friends, laughed about the wind, the ice and the cold, and and spent the afternoon outdoors, in the mountains. And isn't that the beauty of a season pass, anyway? Not having to gamble $200 on conditions for the 4 of us to ski?

So yeah, it was probably the worst conditions of the season, which is saying something because we've skied every weekend since November 16. But the glass really is half full, because all it's going to take is a little bit of sun and a little bit of warmth and the mountain will be in great shape for some epic spring skiing. We will be there.

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