Saturday, April 14, 2018

Whiteface: 04/02/2018

Whiteface Mountain, Monday 4/02/2018.

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Coincidentally there have been several posts in the ski blogosphere recently with the theme of "it's the skiers I'm with that make the day great." Whiteface on the day after Easter was exactly that kind of day for our family. We had a great crew of 10 - our usual Saratoga Skier team of 4, another 2 kids whose dad is injured for the season, and our friends the Albas.

You couldn't ask for a nicer earlier late winter / early spring day. Temperatures warmed to just above freezing under bluebird skies. In classic Whiteface style, it was spring at the bottom and winter up top. Picks of the day were Wilderness, Mountain Run and Skyward.

Can't do a Whiteface post without this view...

...or this one

Our crew of kids bombing down Mountain Run

It's no secret that parenting gets easier when the kids have friends along. After a few runs all together, the 3 boys - all teenagers - headed out to pillage the mountain on their own. The 3 girls - all around 10 years old and all strong skiers - went into low-maintenance mode as we cruised Skyward, Mountain Run and Drapers. Here's the adults skiing Skyward:





Really it was the kind of day that you just don't want to end: great weather, great snow and great friends at the greatest mountain in the East. The Albas do a better job than me of capturing the day in this video:

A few more photos from the day:

Beth skiing Mountain Run

Ray skiing Wilderness. Note the crowds.




Ray on Draper's

In some ways this has been a different season for us. We've skied a dozen different mountains on our Max Passes. But when we're skiing Whiteface on a great day with great friends, it feels more like home than any other mountain.


  1. Our kids are convincing us to get season passes there too - which we might do ;)

  2. Nice. Jeff looking good in the bumps. Ray I could never tell you were on bad wheels, you look smooth too.

    You guys have come a hell of long way since your POV days. Did you drone that bridge shot? Sweet one.

    1. I remember feeling like I hadn't skied those bumps very well at all, getting pushed around and no flow. Somehow Ray worked some video magic to make it look reasonably presentable.