Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Early January update

Killington in thaw recovery mode, December 2018.

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I guess Snowvember spoiled us. Since then we've returned to typical early season East coast skiing. You know: thaw, freeze, thaw, freeze. But despite the challenging weather, we still logged some decent - if powder starved - days. Hopefully today's storm, currently up to nearly a foot of new snow at Killington, busts us out of December's pattern.

I spent today in the office, but some of the Saratoga Skier team made it over to the mountain. Looks like it was pretty good:

Here are a few photos from December. I guess it wasn't such a bad month after all:

Beth running the guns on Skyeburst

Ray "the Black Bullet" Alba

Looking at Pico

Yours truly

Daniel, aka Now you see him now you don't

Our friend Judy skiing Cascade

It's been fun getting to know Killington as first-time passholders. Our move surprised a few of our friends - "Killington, really?" - but it just makes sense for our family. After something like 10 years as family passholders at Gore and Whiteface, we needed something different. How many times can you ski Hawkeye and Lies without getting bored? Killington's terrain, size and variety, long season, snowfall and snowmaking ability all added up to make it a no-brainer for us. I think we're going to have a lot of fun here.


  1. I was wondering how you are feeling about your decision to commit to Killington for this season, and seemingly beyond. I never really considered becoming a Killington skier due to the crowds there, although I'm glad to see the success and crowds that exist at Sugarbush these days. It would be nice if I was healthy enough to actually get out and ski this season. It's February and I've taken exactly one run so far this season.

  2. Our location in Chittenden puts us in relatively easy striking distance of much of central Vermont, from Stratton to Sugarbush. Obviously Pico and Killington are closest. While crowds can be a factor, it's more of an issue in the lots and lodges than on the slopes. It's not at all unusual to be the only skier in sight on a crowded weekend as long as you stay away from the major thoroughfares. K's long season, snowmaking and grooming, and huge amount of terrain added up to make it a good choice for our family. We've been really happy with the skiing this year, we'd love to get out with you and Cheryl down here at K or up at the Bush.