Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gore Mountain: 03/08/2011

I don't usually have the flexibility in my schedule to take a spur-of-the-moment, mid-week powder day, but I needed a day like today. Last weekend was my first non-skiing weekend since before Thanksgiving, with family committments on Saturday and a soaking rain in ski country on Sunday that made staying home - beleive it or not - a better option.

Early morning Uncas

You know it'll be good when you see tracks like that on Chati

But sometime Sunday afternoon a little magic worked in, and rain turned to snow from north to south across the Adirondacks. By the end of the day Monday, Gore and Whiteface checked in with 25 and 30 inches respectively.

Chatimac Ridge

Tele skier on Gunbbarrel

Calls were made, schedules were cleared, and by 9am I was pulling into the main lot at Gore. Skies were clear and windless, with temperatures in the upper teens, a contrast to Monday when high winds shut down just about the entire mountain.

Chatimac Glades

Beyond Chatimac Glades

Skiing solo today gave me complete flexibilty in terrain choice, and a day like today is made for skiing in Gore's extensive glades and woods. The trails will be great in spring conditions, but the trees ski best in powder conditions like today. We've had a great run of conditions this winter at Gore, but today put my season over the top.

The view from Cloud

Skiers in Chatterbox Glade

The reported 25 inches seemed pretty honest to me on the upper mountain. In the woods, I put my ski pole in about that deep before hitting the old consolidated base beneath. The new snow is relatively dense, and bonded well to the trails that I skied, providing a consistent skied-up powder surface on the trails all day long. No ice, no hardpack, just soft, surfy snow on the trails that were left ungroomed (just about all of the upper mountain).

Skiers on Chatimac

Top secret location

In the woods, the new snow filled in and covered everything, providing soft bumps where glades had been skied, and enough density for good flotation in the untracked lines. Simply put, everything skied just great.

Nice skiing on Chatimac

Wednesday and Thursday should both provide excellent skiing. After that, we'll have to keep an eye on the chance for mixed precipitation at the end of the week.


  1. Looks absolutely rockin. Way to get it - some of the best finesse moves in skiing take place in the office the day before a great day.

    Was quite an amazing storm with a very distinct line between haves and have nots - nice to see our favorite hill on the good side of the magic. Should be more fresh today with BRQ and DS in play.

  2. Lucky you, Jeff. Glad you got to enjoy what was truly "Fat Tuesday" for skiers as well as Mardi Gras celebrants!

  3. Harv & SBR - "Fat Tuesday" indeed. I should have thought of that line and used it in my post!
    I wouldn't trade my family days this season for anything, but sometimes a guy's just got to get out on his own for a day and SKI. Having an understanding wife (bonus points!) and a boss who skis certainly helps make it all work out.