Thursday, March 31, 2011

West Mountain: 03/30/2011

About a dozen of us showed up for what will probably be our final Wednesday Telemark Night at West this year. Despite temperatures that remained well above freezing all evening, snow surfaces were rather crispy and crunchy. All that may change with the possibility of yet another snow storm on Friday. There's plenty of snow already on the trails, so West will have no trouble maintaining good coverage for this weekend. Whether West remains open beyond the weekend is more a question of economics rather than snow, so check here and West's website for their closing date.

Beth and Daniel came along with me last night, and it was Daniel's first time skiing at West. I've said before that kids love skiing at night, and Daniel had a great time, declaring the snow "Awesome: icy-ish powder!" and skiing right up until last chair at 9pm. I've never heard the term "icy-ish powder" before, perhaps West can incorporate it into their conditions report for next season. It was a lot of fun seeing Daniel ski with and interact with my adult "ski pals," some of whom he's skied with at Gore, so thanks to everyone for including him.

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