Thursday, March 3, 2011

West Mountain: 03/02/2011

Sometimes “in like a lion” means cold and snowy, a good thing, and sometimes it just means cold and windy, not such a good thing. But having missed the last two Wednesday nights due to school break and a bout of bronchitis, I wasn’t going to let a little chilly breeze get in the way of my usual mid-week ski night.

Conditions were actually better than I had expected. Rain on Monday left surfaces firm and fast to be sure, but there was enough loose and edgeable snow to make for fun, but cold, skiing.

West Mountain has their annual pond skimming contest and cardboard sled races tentatively scheduled for March 26. The long-range forecast has some temperature ups and downs, but based on early season snowmaking efforts, good natural snowfall and solid base depths on the trails as of last evening, I’d say that date should be no problem.

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